You don’t need to say thank you silly!!! *K I’m just glad you’re back.

Yes, that’s a plus probably. I’m sure things will continue to get better on that front!!! (K

I’m good, today was great because me and Nanna made cookies and I pet a dog and I made friends and they taught me a cool handshake and we got pizza and we ran into Bec and also I went on SO MANY ADVENTURES in the past while you were gone!!!! I even accidentally attended school??? So that was VERY interesting. :0c

well see how long it lasts huh seem to make a habit of disappearin for stints of time but its mostly cause i change meds or my ribs start hurtin again

that sounds hella all i did today was haul my ass outta bed make coffee and learn that sittin down at my computer desk doesnt hurt as much as it did last week so yeah


Allll of the exclamation points, all of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And yes of course!!!!! I missed you. :*

Hopefully you’re doing better?

well if that aint a way to make a fella feel welcome i dont know what is thanks kid

im doin better enough to sit up without strainin myself so thats a plus right

howre you?

David!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Welcome back!!!!!! :^)

hey kiddo whats up thats sure a lot of exclamation points are you really that glad to see me

guess who can sit up at his computer again like a big boy

❝ Give me pizza, grab my butt and tell me how pretty I am.❞
that relatable feeling when


you are a kind and benevolent god radiating beauty and light


I connect to this on a deep level.