OKAY i know all you guys like homestuck obviously but i also know that a majority of you use pesterchum!

well if you wanna do me and my friends a huge favor LISTEN UP

the guy that MADE PESTERCHUM, not only my old roommate but a super awesome friend of mine is in a BAND that is in a CONTEST!

they’re called the PILLOWCASES, and they cover music from FLCL, dr. who, adventure time, and a bunch of other super cool stuff!!!

it’d be really super awesome if you could LIKE and SHARE this video, as well as possibly signal boost this!

the video is HERE: !!!!!!

and liking/reblogging this post would help a lot!

(ps he’s obviously the nerd wearing all the homestuck shirts)


this is totally a drafted message so haha if you thought i was actually here

somethin musta happened to me and who knows what really but i guess havin a basic stock thing like this is better than tryin to type in what might be difficult circumstances just hit some buttons and were done

i wouldnt worry im probably fine who knows maybe i accidentally post this while drunk cause im sad or gettin way too into conspiracy theories and this is my last will an testament an then we can look back on this like oh david and have a good laugh

chances are pretty high that if youre readin this ive got my phone so you can try an see whats up on kik which is the same as my url or pesterchum cause im a wizard an got it workin on my phone too (my handle is turgidGeppetto) 

see you nerds later

|heavy is the head|

Your name is David Strider. You’re 38 years of age, and a very famous and wealthy movie director. You have your shortcomings, but who doesn’t? In spite of this, you are fully aware that actions have consequences. But you never thought the life lesson would be anything like the hell you suffered on a near-normal basis.

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well would ya look at that




tom nook

shoulda paid off that loan


my officemates and i were arguing about the difference between a mouse and a rat so i googled it

and there we go

the difference is a rat plays jazz


Bare footprints in an abandoned nuclear reactor. 

The stride of the footprints just adds onto the already creepy factor



  1. I want this story to be written
  2. I don’t want this story to be written by anyone but me
  3. I don’t want to write this story