Same to you I’m sure

It’s not so much a rough patch as

I’m not sure what you’d call this

A temporal fuck up?

well i wish you the best of luck with that i def understand tough weird times



Oh well, that makes sense. Although if you’re waking up at at four am, there’s probably something off kilter about your sleep time table already… Or maybe you could try one of those reset things where you stay up like all night and then crash or sleep through an entire day or whatever that I think some people do and then stuff fixes itself? Or just go the gradual route of trying to sleep at certain times and then wake up at certain times and eat or something, I think you’re supposed to eat shortly after you wake up because it helps your body remember that ‘ah yes okay time to do things now’ and not conk out for another couple of hours??? I’m not sure since usually I wake up really early and then just nap through out the day since I don’t have really any responsibilities… 


That’s a surprise, you didn’t really strike me as the type to have played before? :? Although I did see a post that kinda reminded me of you: they were making their new characters and the quote was like, “OH! I know! I’ll make a bard, and he’ll specialize in beatboxing!” That would be neat. I wonder if Jade might be game for it…

eh well see what happens i guess things have been kinda awful since i got home form the hospital and tbh before then they werent much better so i guess things can only go up from here right

nah man i was a huge nerd in highschool i played dnd all the time i actually had this rogue that was the biggest and most inconvenient dick in the world like the group went into this tavern once and the owner kept polishing this glass like for the entirety of their conversation and he was like what else can i do for you and the rogue wanted his precious glass and our dm was so fucking funny the glass was so polished it was actually its own light source and we used to use it in like dungeons and stuff it was hella

also thats great

i would totally join another dnd game ive already got a character in mind its a hipster bard that plays the ukelele and only casts spells no ones ever heard of before and wears vestigial glasses that are +1 to charisma when theyre on but -1 to fashion when theyre off


Congrats on 600 followers big milestone

You must be mr popularity


And I apologize in advance if I’m not what you expected

Things are a bit off kilter right now

eh kinda

nice to meet you jade and thats cool i know how it goes goin through a rough patch myself so

gulesgardener started following you

thank you for bein my 600th follower i really appreciate it

im david and i cant stop watchin tv networks that easily influence me hows it goin



You can always just take a nap if you get tired later? Naps are a thing.

I’m good. Brobot woke me up early today because Starburst wanted to play and he didn’t know how to play with cats. I accidentally drank a grape soda instead of a cream one, bluck, but I did find another hilarious out of context Dungeons and Dragons quote blog, so that was neat.

It kinda makes me want to play the game, but then I’ve never been really good at roleplaying shenanigans.

i guess i dont like naps much cause i sleep too late and then im all disoriented and cant sleep later and its just a mess but well see

oh man i played dnd way back in the day its actually pretty cool if you play with the right people like you gotta find a dm thats willing to work with you and has a sense of humor cause if youre playin with a jerk its no fun shit id play dnd with you if we had more people

actualrobotboy replied to your post: “esurientphantasm liked your post: “i woke up at like 4 in the morning…”:
Good morning David! I hope you slept well. :^)

slept ok would have liked to wake up a litle later than four in the goddamn morning but yknow whatever

whats up howre you

i woke up at like 4 in the morning and have been watching game show network ever since

im exhausted and my ribs hurt im gonna lay down for a bit



right… okay… umm… wow… where do i start?

ive got pesterchum and kik if you wanna talk there